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The scarf is 100% made with "silk Crêpe de Chine" fabric that enhances and enhances the colors of the reproduced paintings. Crêpe de Chine is a term derived from French and means crinkled and is the most compact of the georgette for the significant number of warp and heavier threads, with more pronounced undulations. It is made up of yarns with a fine titer and a medium torsional twist in the warp and a strong right and left twist in the weft.


The scarf takes inspiration from the work of Yuri Biagini "Metamorfosi": Metamorfosi 70 x 50 Oil on canvas.


The scarf has the measures 120 x 110 cm.
The stole has the measures 180 x 60 cm.


Metamorfosi: Daphne to escape from Apollo is transformed into Laurel. Each being, mutating into another, can continue its existence. Memorable pages have been written on the theme of Metamorphosis. A theme that concerns every aspect of the living, in whatever form it is found. Both on earth and in the farthest reaches of the universe. Opposition of forces, which creates another entity, also in the making.

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