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The Scarf

The garment will be strictly made in Italy in every production step.


So a craft work to be considered as a jewel, a product where the link with art, history and territory is alive and this relationship is unique.


Our first collection of artistic foulards is made of 100% Crepe de Chine silk fabric. Any apparent defects such as "squares", "canvas effect" or color spots are to be considered merit, precisely because the item of clothing conforms to the original.


It is important to emphasize that the processing is handmade with a strictly manual processing. Our seamstresses of ultra decades of experience, to make the edge of the silk scarves "light" to the touch, use a "spiral" foot, which allows the fabric to be folded during processing and flattened under the needle.


The works of Yuri Biagini are "elements in transformation" whereby, leaving the main structure of the painting unaltered, you can play on the background color or turn it all into a black and white or grayscale. From season to season will be launched new fashion lines using different works and "playing", precisely, on the colors.


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