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The Art

In this path of combination, fusion, combination of art, fashion and fabrics, Italianuance begins its journey with the sensitivity of the artist Yuri Biagini. The journey of Italianuance is to experiment with new forms of expression with the intent to build a real dialogue with those who wear clothing, strictly in high fashion, and art.


Italianuance pursues the dynamic dynamism of color

In this beginning of activity the scarves take inspiration from the works of Yuri Biagini. The works of Yuri Biagini, as emphasized by important commentators, "... are the distribution of color, the balance of the composition, the fades, the overlaps ...". These elements arouse feelings or vibrations in the wearer of our scarves. In this approach between art and fashion, and in the choice of material, there is the relevance of contemporary artists and the historical secularity of the artists of the sixteenth century, in addition to the Italian cultural and landscape heritage. The result is a product of luxury and quality, which celebrates sensations, emotions, art, the artist's passion in a constant movement. The works of Yuri Biagini, have an element "... almost sculptural and dynamic ...", we can find a "... balance of the composition, which makes use of concrete descriptive contributions (spirals, material elements, rips, fades) to express ideas that can represent chaos and dissolutions. So not painting in such a way that in disorder it seeks only ephemeral effects, but ... construction, overlapping, juxtapositions, which tend rather to create, by the masses, a certain expressive order. And even color becomes a pretext to arouse sensations or vibrations that are purely emotional but takes on a precise function of descriptive character, tending to evoke particular atmospheres, ... crepuscular. "


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