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About us

Everything starts from a "Dream"

Italianuance is a dream in the drawer that becomes reality. Friends, professionals, artists who wanted to combine their experiences, even in different fields, to start a new project. With its head in Milan and its heart in Tuscany, Italianuance puts all the Italian passion in its products, carrying on the great tradition of Made in Italy.

Our idea

The intent is to create, in clothing, the fusion between art, in this first phase in particular abstraction, and Luxury Fashion or more simply luxury fashion. Where the spontaneity, the creative immediacy of the artist, Yuri Biagini, from which the fashion line takes inspiration are not caged in a high fashion product but are freed in the forms that a scarf, for example, can take wearing it. Colors and shapes are exalted in a mixture of sensations, features and fabrics.


Art takes on a new physiognomy, in a path of complicity between artist and product. Who wears the garment that is not simply a customer but is itself a part of a passion, a creative movement and expressive freedom. In this path of combination, fusion, juxtaposition between art, fashion and fabrics, the artist's sensibility finds a new form of expression that leads to building a real dialogue with those who wear the clothing, strictly of high fashion, that reproduce - in fact - his works. A dialogue that also involves involving the territory, the land, the perfumes of the Italian regions starting from the one of origin of the artist: Tuscany.


Italianuance Srl - Via Mauro Macchi, 72 - 20214 Milano - info@italianuance.com - VAT: 10429850968